Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools' day

April is here...all shinny and warm...we had a lovely morning....the little ones enjoying the sun as always, mrB sleeping till late ( we had a late night - stayed up till 4) , more flowers popping and me trying my sewing skills.

 i managed to finish the first curtain and i thing it looks pretty nice. its not perfect but noone will notice if the stiches are in a super straight line. tomorrow if i have the time ill start the second one.

this year was the first one that i didnt get fooled or  did i? i was alert all day, watching my every move and thinking twice before talking...i was sure mrB had some sneaky plan but absolutely nothing happened. maybe that was the have me going crazy over nothing...the day is still not over yet though and anything is for me...i never fool anyone..i just dont have the talent for it.i get a stupid look on my face, trying not to laugh...even a kid understands somethings wrong.
How about you?Did you get fooled?Did you fool anyone?
either way im wishing you all a very happy month full of love and sunshine !!!

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  1. Anonymous2/4/12 16:10

    Kalimera!!! Nobody fooled me, and I fooled nobody, either!!! The stuff you're making is so so beautiful!!! Well done!!! :)) Have you thought of goimg on professionally??? you've got the talent!!! Have a beautiful April!!! :))


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