Saturday, March 31, 2012

a sewing mess

its been a week now and im still down with a cold so what better way to spend my time than making a real mess...i decided to start sewing my curtains..."how difficult can it be?" i thought. well it turned out to be very simple but extremely tiring because....wait for it.....i dont have a sewing machine and im doing it by hand.
i sew and i sew and i sew.....and its never enough !

 the fabrics are the ones i bought at Ikea and i love them. bright and happy, just perfect for a spring touch !

the happy hearts are for our bedroom and the one with the green birds for the livingroom.i hope that in a few days the curtains will be ready. i just cant wait  !!!
i also bought a darker+stronger fabric to make me a summer tote bag. i really love it !! on second looks good on the dinning roo chairs too.

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  1. Anonymous28/4/12 12:20

    I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your crafts. It gives me peace of mind. It's so relaxing !!!


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