Tuesday, May 29, 2012

another happy tree!!!

happy tree watercolour painting drawing

Painting like a little kid ....playing with my watercolours....and im loving it!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

painting with watercolours

grapes watercolour drawing

First watercolour painting attempt since childhood....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

crochet flowers

crochet flower wreath

may rose crochet flower

As promised today im gonna give you the patterns for the crochet flowers that i used to make my wreath.
I used two different type of flowers.
The rose flowers for starters were made in two different sizes using two different crochet hooks...(you can use whatever size you want), following Lucys pattern from Attic 24...she has a great tutorial with pictures and all and you can learn how to makes the leaves too!!!

easy crochet flower may rose

crochet flowers roses and puff stich

crochet flower wreath leaves

The puff stich flowers may seem a bit difficult to make but they 're not at all !!!!
I found the tutorial-pattern with the help of Tangled Happy -which is one of my favorite blog reads, it is posted by Tara and you can find it here!!

easy crochet puff stich flowers
easy crochet flowers puff stich

Friday, May 25, 2012

a beautiful flower wreath !!!

 Last week after my daily cruise around the blog world i decided to test my crochet skills and make a flower wreath !!! Yarn and needles is all i used and it turned out just fine!!! I did not use wire or anything of that sort to fill in the wreath and it stays in place pretty good.

yarn and crochet flowers

may flower crochet wreath

As you can see the flowers are not all the same..i used three different patterns, all of them very easy and quick and ill be sharing them with you in a day or two, after i remember where i got them from...

crochet flowers puff stich and roses

flower wreath crochet leaves roses puff stich

I first did the body of the wreath and then crocheted as many different colour flowers and leaves as i could...or as i thought were enough to be exact!!! The only tricky thing was sewing them on the body afterwards...i wasn't really difficult but it seemed boring and took me while to get it started....but once i got my sewing needle on there was no stop to it!!! I was sewing and sewing and then....ta daaaaaah!!!!! MY WREATH WAS FINISHED AND READY TO USE!!!!

crochet flower wreath roses and puff stich and leaves yarn

And then it hit me!!! We live in an apartment building with many people coming and going...people we do and don't know....i just couldn't bare the idea of someone stealing my beloved wreath...i already loved it too much to risk such a thing!!So instead i decorated my kitchen wall with it and to be honest i think it looks perfect!!!

yarn crochet flowers wreathcrochet flower wreath crochet spring deco yarn

Thursday, May 24, 2012

no posts today.... :(

There seems to be a problem with my blogger account...or my connection...i don't really know whats wrong but i cannot upload any photos and I've had complains about people not being able to read my blog....
so no post for today and i just hope that it will all be ok by tomorrow!!!
Stick around though cause the next post will be about a lovely crochet flower wreath and im sure you'll like it!!!
see you tomorrow!!!! xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012



I found a carrot in the balcony...hiding among the plants....a silly looking carrot and a very sneaky one....i'm taking it inside...and i'm going to create a whole basket with lots of vegetable friends...it'll be happier there..




Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

easy granny squares

granny square crochet easy yarn

 It was a cold and rainy day here in Greece, not what you would normally expect at this time of the year....sort of a winter touch in the heart of summer...but they say that things will get back to normal in a day or two. So i tried my best to stay inside....doing my housekeeping stuff and cooking for our little family...and of course i did some crocheting to keep me entertained...

granny squares easy yarn small

I started making little granny squares...following a very easy pattern and using one colour for each one of them...im thinking of sewing them together for a cute cushion instead of making another blanket....i already have two and i wont be using them for the next 4 months....so i have plenty of time if i decide to crochet another one...also its a nice brake from crocheting toys...i don't want to get bored by doing the same stuff again and again...

granny squares easy yarn

granny square red yarn easy

granny square easy one colour

As you can see the squares are pretty small but super cute and easy to make even for a beginner. Unfortunately i cant remember which blog i got the pattern from...i so want to give you the link...i have it written though if you want it.
I take it that you can read it from the photo (lazy me) so im not gonna copy it...im just giving you what you cant see in the photo...

granny squares pattern easy one colour

chain 3, work 2dc in that same corner, 3 dc in the next gap between the clusters of the third round *3dc in the next corner, ch1, 3dc in the same corner, 3dc in the next gap between the clusters of the third round*
Repeat (*) two more times, 3dc in the next corner, close loop in the first row of 3 chains with slst in third chain.

slst = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
ch = chain

easy small granny squares

granny square crochet easy

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