Tuesday, April 3, 2012

granny stripes

its my first big crochet project and im super proud of it! my first granny striped blanket !!
its a medium size blanket, in happy warm colors and we have it laying on one side of our couch. its simply perfect for evening naps and warming our legs while watching movies late at night. the little ones like it too as you can see but i dont let them play on it because their little nails get easily caught in the yarn and theyll destroy it.

im new to crocheting, in fact im learning thanks to the internet. i usually find my patterns on youtube cause written instructions confuse me . the idea and pattern for this blanket came from one of my favorite blogs Lucys Attic24 and it was super easy to make. i didnt use the same color changes though.

im now finishing my second blanket. its a granny square one and i have it almost ready.most of the squares are ready and ive started sewing them together. and because im becoming obsessed with crocheting im also making a third blanket using the "star stich" that i found on youtube. cant wait to see it finished!


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