Thursday, June 28, 2012

personalized pillow cases

A few months ago , on a rainy evening i decided to try my embroidery skills for the first time... so i took out a couple of plain white IKEA pillow cases and my needles and gave it a go. Ok its nothing special or something that requires any special talent but they are really unique and so "us" !!!
i love them so much and mrB likes them too...he couldnt stop laughing when he first saw them....
now im thinking of making a whole series of personalized pillows and sheets, for us and for our friends...i just have to sit myself down and come up with simple but funny drawings.

I also made a lovely heart with some white christmas lights that i no longer use.... just shaped a piece of metal  wire in the shape of a heart and then wrapped the lights carefully around simple and so cute!!!!
I just have to add some colour to the wall to make it look better...a light gray is what im thinking but im not sure yet....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


still playing with beads and small pieces of, lime and turquoise are perfect for happy and bright !!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

happy beads and felt fabric

a very hot Sunday here in Greece...too hot to do anything...i wanted to do some crocheting but i couldn't even touch the yarns...then i though of doing some drawing but i had no inspiration at i ended up playing with beads and felt fabric...
i made a few ridiculously easy necklaces...just happy coloured beads and a few plastic miniature toys (the ones you usually find in kids ice cream cups) !
and then i remembered my promise to my best friend Iwannna, to make her a little cupcake magnet for her fridge ! so i took out my felt fabrics, cut them into shape, sewed them together by hand, put some pillow stuffing inside and ready!!!! i also added some happy beads to make it look a bit cuter :)
i wanted to make more but mrB just wont let me in peace...he wants to go out for a coffee or something so i have to leave you for now but ill be back tomorrow!!
have a lovely rest of the day!!xxx

a trip to the sea ...

a very hot summer day in Greece today so we just had to go for a swim....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

things i love today...

 flowers popping everywhere  making our days more colourful !!!

fresh corn that i roast and enjoy with a cold drink !!! my favorite summer night snack since i was a little kid :)

my colourful kitchen where i cook yummy dishes for me and mrB..

 watching Euro football games with Sissy and mrB...

the puppies sleeping quietly after playing and making a mess all around the house :))

enjoying a road trip...Trikala really is a beautiful place to be !

Friday, June 22, 2012

crochet bags !!

Today i want to share with you 2 amazing crochet bags that my beloved cousin RITSA made. She lives in Crete and runs her own English Language School !!!! She's a very active and crafty person that loves animals and enjoys life to the fullest !!!! She also loves to spend time diving, swimming and cruising with Nemo.

A few days ago she crocheted these beautiful bags and sent me the pictures. I fell in love with them, especially the blue one, and just had to show them to you!

She also sent me a link to the pattern of the blue bag which you can find  here !
so grab your crochet hooks and start creating!!! :))
Thanks Ritsa!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

another award....

I am very happy cause one of my favorite blog friends Angela gave me the Liebster Blog Award!

It was a lovely surprise and i feel really honored, she's a very sweet and supportive person and you should all check out her blog, its beautiful !! So now i have to choose 3-5 of my favorite blogs with less than 200 followers....oh! its not easy....i know so many new blogs that worth a many new great blog can one choose?? I wish i could just list all of you guys and of course you,dear Angela  :)
So, here are my choices in random order....

*The Liebster award has a few rules attached. The person who receives it is to acknowledge the giver, just as I have done, and then pass the award on to 3-5 other blogs by leaving a comment or emailing the blog writer. The chosen blogs must have less than 200 followers (this is the harder part - if you do have more than 200 followers and I selected you, please don't be insulted) and must capture your heart or your fancy, as the word "liebster" means dearest. You must also paste the award button onto your blog, so others will know you have already received it.* (as posted by Angela)

Greek summer drawing

drawing coloured pencil

birthday puppies!

It was the puppies birthday today....just turned 1 month old !!! they've grown very quickly and are now running around all day with their chubby little feet and fat's a little video of two of them playing...the other three are napping :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ice, eat and wear !!!!

Its summer time....its so hot outside.....can you think of anything better than ice cream ???
Ive never met a person that doesn't like at least one flavor....
Personally im not into all the new strange flavors, im a classic vanilla cream and chocolate is all it takes to sent me to heaven!!! oh! and some caramel almonds on top!!!! yummy yummy :))

I haven't been crafty enough lately... its very hot to crochet anything...even the though of yarn makes me sweat... so as i was enjoying a bowl of frozen yogurt it hit me! why not make an ice cream brooch???
so i took my felt fabrics out...needles and pins...scissors and a small ball of pillow stuffing and tah dah!!!
My first ever brooch is ready!!!!! Do you like it???
I love it so much and im already thinking of making a whole series of candy  brooches !!!

ice cream hand sewed felt fabric brooch

ice cream hand sewed brooch felt fabric hand made

ice cream felt fabric brooch

This brooch is my entry for the sofan competition!!! Wish me luck!

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