Saturday, March 31, 2012

a sewing mess

its been a week now and im still down with a cold so what better way to spend my time than making a real mess...i decided to start sewing my curtains..."how difficult can it be?" i thought. well it turned out to be very simple but extremely tiring because....wait for it.....i dont have a sewing machine and im doing it by hand.
i sew and i sew and i sew.....and its never enough !

 the fabrics are the ones i bought at Ikea and i love them. bright and happy, just perfect for a spring touch !

the happy hearts are for our bedroom and the one with the green birds for the livingroom.i hope that in a few days the curtains will be ready. i just cant wait  !!!
i also bought a darker+stronger fabric to make me a summer tote bag. i really love it !! on second looks good on the dinning roo chairs too.

Friday, March 30, 2012

sunny mornings

AT LAST!!!the weather is getting warmer and we have sunny days and beautiful mornings.

The plants are popping and everything, new bright coloured leafs... it just makes you happy!!!

the little ones are happier too...they enjoy the morning sun eating their biscuits outside and sunbathing as much as they can!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

some new and old ones...

drawings i did while sick in bed to help pass the time.....

and some old sketches i found...way back from my school days...they seem a bit darker...

home again!

Well...i'm finally back. I spent 6 days with family and friends. 3 enjoying going out, shopping and laughing and 3 locked inside my bedroom with a very bad cold (fever, pain and everything). Can't say it was all bad though.

a drink by the pool
I met my girlfriends after a long time, we went out for coffee and dinner. We had fun shopping for our was an IKEA breakfast-shopping-lunch-some more shopping experience. I bought black and white picture frames to start decorating my walls and fabrics which im going to use for curtains and a summer shopping bag. So sewing will be the next thing to try and im really excited about it!!

lunch inbetween shopping

moms little boy..."Franky"

moms little girl..."Lorrie"

everyones baby "Zikoula"

I also spent a lot of time with my brother, most of it going through his collection of retro toys and talking about his new findings. I even helped him shammpooing the dolls! I myself want to start a doll collection as soon as possible but decorating the house is my priority now.
bathing my little-apple girl

waiting to be cleaned

a 70s collectible

After that i just stayed in bed taking pills and sleeping when i could. Breathing turned out to be a big challenge.
But all things come to an end and im back home (still sick) with mrB and the little happy family!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on the way back home...

bunnies to pass the time...

one of the many beautifull stations we passed...

 a pick inside the wagon...

random views...the scenery was amazing but my memory card was full and i couldnt take more pictures...typicall time ill double check!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

going on a trip...

today im going to the big see my family and friends...i miss them so much!!!6-7 days with them will be a nice break ...i hope i could stay more...
before i go though i have many things to do...clean the whole house...water the plants...cook for mrB...take the garbage out...leave written instructions for everything...and finally pack my things...surely ill forget to take something important...i always do...ticket-money-phone-keys are the only basics and i check 5-6 times for them before i go!this time ill double check for my camera too...i want to take some nice  pictures :)
the train leaves in about 3 hours and i have many things to do so im off! bb

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sunny days

the last few days are full of sun and its really lovely...after a very cold winter with lots of snow and rain spring has finally come!!!! warm popping...makes you smile all the time...
after almost 5 months i can have my morning coffee with the windows open and its very little ones enjoy the sun too...they really look happier sunbathing in the morning and more and longer walks outside

i wish for no more rainy days this year...we had more than enough!!!
now its time to buy some new flowers...we live in a small city and we dont have a yard so the best we can do is fill our small space, a little balcony, with as many as we can....we really want to move to a bigger place but its not going to happen soon im afraid....fingers crossed never know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a quiet and lovely sunday...

my bracelets are done and ready to wear so i thought i could crochet some granny squares for the blanket im making...i can never have enough of them!!!!
still theres always time for a little drawing inbetween....this time a lady owl knitting covered with a lovely granny square blanket :)
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