Thursday, April 5, 2012

a rainy day...

today we woke up to a moody and rainy day. everything seemed to move very slow and all we wanted was to stay in bed and do nothing. but as usual the little ones had other plans and so we got up. mrB had the day of so we did some shopping together.
back home i decided to spent as less time in the kitchen as i could. no mood for cooking so a quick spaghetti dish and a greek salad was a good choice.

i randomly chose some ingredients from the fridge and i started. dry and fresh onions, one red pepper and some cute tiny green ones, tomato paste, salt, pepper, oregano and a hint of sugar were enough. it was super easy to make. just chopped everything and cooked it in a pan using some virgin olive oil and in 15 minutes i had a yummy red spaghetti sauce ready.

as you can see we dont actually follow a light diet but we're both healthy and pretty slim so we dont worry to much about it.
The afternoon was pretty quiet too...mrB napping and me having some tea and playing with my yarns learning new crochet stiches.

i also had some good news today. i finally found a job after being unemployed for a year. things are pretty bad in Greece right now and finding a job is super difficult. its not what i was looking for at all and the pay is rather disappointing but its better than nothing. i was always a working girl, at times having two jobs together, and the last year that i had to stay all day at home was a disaster. i was flirting with depression everyday. so it will be a nice change and im hopping that a better job will eventually come up.


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