Monday, April 30, 2012

a walk in the park

mrB had the day off today so we took the little ones to the park where they can run free. It was very hot and we were almost alone, Sissy had the fun of her life running around like crazy and sniffing everything in her way.Fanni on the other hand took small walks and stayed away from the sun resting under the trees...its not easy for her with that big belly...

Afterwards we took them back home and the two of us went for lunch in a tavern nearby but instead of ordering food we ended up drinking tsipouro (a Greek drink like ouzo) and got back home almost drunk.
It really was a lovely day .... : )

Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday drawings...

love colour tree drawing coloured pencils

bubble drawings funny coloured pencil drawing

In such a colourful happy mood today...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

expecting puppies !!!!

I'm so worried....
Our little Fani is expecting puppies for the first time. We were not sure until a couple of days ago when her belly began to grow bigger. My poor baby is very quiet...always hungry and thirsty ... not in the mood for games and constantly looking for cool spots around the house. I try to satisfy all her needs and im very worried about the whole situation. I just hope nothing will go wrong...
We don't know how many puppies shes going to have yet, we just hope not over 3. I already have found friends to adopt 2 of them and im thinking of keeping one although it wont be easy...
The birth will take place in about 30 days from now, we'll make her a cosy "bed" in our spare room to keep her calm and away from Sissy who is starting to act a little weird - nervous but not aggressive (probably sensing somethings about to happen).

Friday, April 27, 2012


summer is finally here !!! Warm temperatures, sunny days and flowers everywhere!!! im in a super happy mood and full of creativity. I have so many things on my mind and i don't know where to many things to crochet, to draw, to many places i want to visit and many flowers i want to bring back many recipes to try...

purple geranium

bright red geranium

our guests left a couple of days ago and the house feels a little empty but they will come back again in a month or so :)
i did my "summer cleaning", well half of it... i took out my summer clothes and packed all the winter ones...and i decided i need to go on a diet as soon as possible (or buy new clothes :P). i still have to wash and pack mrB's clothes though but i'll leave it for the weekend....

double coloured crochet fish plush toy stripes

funny crochet fish plush toy blue stripes

i also did some crocheting...this time a little fish (no pattern again) to join mrOctopus..-.i used the same blue yarn and some white felt fabric for the eyes - and i think they look nice im thinking a couple more smaller and in different colours and a red-pink starfish as my friend angeliki suggested and my little sea corner will be ready !

funny crochet fish and octopus plus toy

light and medium blue yarn

aqua blue knitting yarn

blue aqua yarn

cookin' time !

spaghetti bologneze funny drawing recipe coloured pencils

i love cooking funny drawing coloured pencils

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

octopus ! !

blue crochet octopus funny plush toy

i love it ! i just love it !!!
with no pattern -typical me- i made this lovely little octopus. it was very quick and easy and i think he looks pretty funny. i also decided to crochet a whole series of sea creatures and have a small sea world corner in the house.

blue crochet octopus funny plush toy

blue crochet octopus funny plush toy

blue crochet octopus funny plush toy

blue crochet octopus strawberry flowers funny plush toys

a small trip to METEORA

METEORA is one of the most famous places in Greece just  a half hour drive from TrikalaCity.
 The sight is absolutely breathtaking with the huge rocks and the monasteries reaching up to the sky. there's so much history and so many things to say about this place that i think its best to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, April 23, 2012

hungry puppy

hungryy puppy funny sketch coloured pencils drawing

a little disaster

we have guests over the last few days and its wonderful !!
the only draw back is that i don't have time to do my crafts. the only thing i managed to do is crochet a few flowers for miss snakes. i think she looks much better now.

crochet snake funny plush toy coloured stripes

crochet snake funny plush toy coloured stripes

sadly we had a little accident. mrB is pretty clumsy some times and this time he had me crying like a baby over    the broken pieces of my favorite little geisha statue. it belonged to my grandma and i loved it since i was a kid. i did glue the pieces back together but you can see small holes here and there...i just hope this is mrBs  last victim... : p

vintage deco little geisha statue

vintage deco broken statue little geisha

Sunday, April 22, 2012

nameday teddy

crochet teddy parts yarn

crochet teddy plush toy funny

 It was one of my best friends nameday the other day (you know who you are)... i havent seen her for a long time and i really miss her (we first met back in school when we were just 12 and we love each other - we're like family now).
I want to give her something special and unique so i decided to make her a little crochet teddy bear....
with no pattern i started crocheting the body first and then the head and little arms...tiny ears and tail...and finally a scarf and flower...i dont know if she'll like it (she better) or if she'll throw it away...but i put all my love to it....

crochet teddy little funny plush toy

crochet teddy little funny plush toy closeup

crochet teddy little funny plush toy

crochet teddy with scarf and flower little funny plush toy

crochet teddy with scarf and flower little funny plush toy

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