Sunday, June 30, 2013

things i love today

that bracelet !! an original vintage piece, it was handmade for my mum back in the 70s!

making lists of  "to do" things and checking them....sometimes i write stuff i've already done just for the fun of checking (im weird, i know)

the "ombre" look. i just bought this dye kit and im about to try it...hopefully i wont look like a clown..

 my new bershka sandals

these funny ikea hangers...

Friday, June 28, 2013

birthday boy !!!

baby feet socks 2013

Little man turns 3 months old today...time goes by so fast and he already looks more like a little kid and less like a newborn baby! We love him sooooooo much and every minute of our days  is about him...
today is gonna be special...with extra cuddles and kisses (if that's possible) and we're gonna buy him a little present, still haven't decided what. we also have to go to the doctor for his routine check and vaccination...i don't like the idea of someone sticking a needle to his little leg but its something that must be done and at least the doctor and the nurses are very nice to him and he feels comfortable with them....
its now 8 in the morning and the appointment is at 12.30, i've already done most of the housework (i start at 6!!) and little man is sleeping quietly in his im gonna take a nap too...
i wish you all a beautiful day!!! xxxx

Monday, June 24, 2013

things i love today

saying NO to ironing for the weekend...

baby stuff all over the living room..

ice-cream made by ME !!!!!! yeah!!! ( cream and cookies )

preparing my little mans bath...

and finally....THAT CRAZY GIRL !!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

painting for a friend

Hello dear blog friends, how was your day ??? Mine was pretty nice, taking care of my little man most of the's now 23.00 and im finally able to just sit and relax...mrB is at work (and wont be back for a couple of hours) and little man is sleeping in his its the perfect time for a new post !!
 tonight i wanna share with you this painting i made for a friend. I made it a few months ago while staying in my parents house waiting for the baby to be born...i had a lot of spare time back then!
I asked my friend what she would like...something pink and purple she maybe or a simple design....and i made THIS !!!! such a disaster...its not pink, its not purple (ok just a bit) and its not such a disaster when i have to follow instructions or someone else's ideas...the only thing i came up with was a simple girl figure (supposed to be my friend) and her favorite "things" all around her...
i actually thought she'd hate it (and me) but she really loved it (or so she said) !!!! i did promise to make her another one though and i must put myself to it asap!!
 for the moment im just gonna take a shower and go to bed cause in 6 hours i'll be up doing the housework...have a lovely night everyone, see you tomorrow with this weeks favorite things! bye bye xxx

close ups of the painting...i used black marker, acrylics and coloured dust to add a bit of shine

Sunday, June 16, 2013

father's day

just to say "happy father's day" to mrB ...he really loves our little man and he's going to be the best daddy in the world!!! i can see them in my mind playing together, running around like crazy and turning the house upside down and i can only smile with happiness! for the time being they spend their days hugging, kissing, laughing and going out for long "walks"...

first kiss

im sure we all feel the same way about our men and of course our own best wishes to all of them, WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

things i love today...

my little one wearing his "Saturday" body ... we have one for each day of the week, they really are cute!

reading books about raising kids the right way...

... and on "how to be a great mum"...

colorful summer flowers in our balcony ... i cut off  the "fence" (half of it) so we could have more light and air in the house...i no longer care if people can see us from the street.

bright summer nail polish....this is my favorite brand. Made in Greece, very cheap and great quality polish in amazing colors!!!

 i cant pick just one so i wear many of them at the same time!

what are you loving today ??? what 4 things would you pick?
so glad to hear from you again...i wish you all a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back Again !!!

Hello my dear friends!!! So good to be back...i've been away for so long and i feel like im starting all over again...
we have a new family member now, our lovely baby boy and we're happier than ever, everything has changed and everything has a new meaning now. I no longer have free time for my hobbies but i do have many new ideas so i'll do my best to find some even if it means less sleep!!!(and sleeping hours are so precious right now hehehe)....
i now have to go and do my daily routine (clean the house, feed the baby, do the laundry,....) but i'll be here first thing tomorrow morning with a quick flashback to the past few months.
Have a great day!!!! 
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