Monday, April 2, 2012

bunnies and stuff

its been a long day today...tidying up and cleaning the house, i went to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruit. i also bought two beautifull geraniums (one red and one purple) and a honeysuckle plant named lonicera caprifolium. its a climper and if i dont kill it it will grow big all over the place with lovely flowers of two different colors ! the market was full of all kinds of flowers and i just couldnt resist.

back home after doing all the boring everyday stuff i spent time measuring the fabric for the second curtain and sewing the first bits. i also took out some easter decorations. not too many, im sure i had more but after moving houses im always missing stuff. so a couple of bunnies, chicks and a few easter eggs are all i could find. i have them all over the kitchen table waiting to find where to place them.

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