Tuesday, July 24, 2012

meet Ginger !!

Its been so hot these days that i couldn't even get near my laptop...but i missed you guys...i missed my blog friends and all my favorite blog reads so i had to come back...

hand crochet doll toy handmade

i spent most of my time inside...I'm a real couch potato me...but not just watching tv...i did a lot of crocheting and finished a few new projects that i will post here in the next days...I'm thinking of posting one or two every week...

so the first one is Ginger!!! my second crochet doll with long blond hair and a bright orange dress with green and blue stripes (and matching little buttons). i think she's pretty cute! 
she's best friends with my first doll- that i decided to name Lucy after so many of you asking about her name!!!

crochet doll handmade face closeup

Friday, July 20, 2012

bye bye babies...

shih tzu puppies 2 months old

Today my babies turned 2 months old and one would think it would be a fun and happy day but it wasn't....
they left for their new homes...the first one  2 days ago and today the other three...they all went to nice families who love and already  own other dogs so they will have a nice future but still i cant help feeling depressed and left alone....Fani feels that way too cause she sits all quiet and sad in a corner and Sissy probably feels the same cause she loved to play with them....at least we get to keep the last one of the five for 15 more days cause her mommy to be (a good friend of mine) is on her summer holidays : )

shih tzu female

yorkie female

Friday, July 13, 2012

a beautiful place part1

Outside the city of Trikala....just a 10 minute drive...a magical place...a river, an old stone bridge and many many trees...this is the place we love to go and just sit under the huge trees and relax while listening to the sound of the water and the happy songs of birds and...toads !!! Its also a great place to visit when it gets very hot in the city. Enjoy !

you may notice the dark thingy on the right-corner of my photos...well there's something wrong with my camera and the lense protection started to move for no reason at all. after i took the photos it completely shut and i still cant get it to open...i charged the battery..moved it with my finger...opened the camera front and cleaned it carefully but nothing works...i can only move it with my finger and if i zoom in immediately only then it will stay open. its very upsetting since its not an old camera or a cheap one...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one more !!

about 10 days ago i received another award from a dear blog friend and I'm really happy about  it !!!!
I've only been blogging for a few months and its great to find out that so many people like my blog and my crafts and find the time to check out my posts and sometimes leave a nice comment. Meeha Meeha is one of my first followers and a very supportive one...you should really check out her blog, I'm sure you'll love it!!! she has a lovely house and her photos are amazing!!!
 So a big big THANK YOU!!!! to her : ))

and now it's my turn to pass the award to 5 other cool blogs.......
1    diamadaki.blogspot.gr/
2.   syros2js.blogspot.gr/
3.   fofoula.blogspot.gr/
4.   e-velona.blogspot.gr/
5.   fayandriley.blogspot.gr/

Monday, July 9, 2012

crochet...DOLL !!!!!

ok...i don't like to brag but this is my best crochet project so far and im crazy proud of myself !!!!
It was a very hot weekend with nothing to do and i decided to try and make a crochet doll...no pattern again...i just started crocheting each part separately and then sewed them together...i had no plan about the dress either...i just made up my mind while crocheting...
and after a couple of hours this is what i had....
i love her so much that im already making a second one with different colours...im gonna make a whole collection with many clothes and accessories...yes yes yes...i m gonna be a crochet toy maker and im not changing my mind!! this is what i wanna do and im gonna give it my best !!!!
hope you like her as much as i do....

Friday, July 6, 2012

coffee and orange pie !!

Today i woke up pretty early for no reason at all....i did all the housework as quickly as i could, played with the puppies and then sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee and two yummy pieces of orange pie that I MADE !!!!! Although i really like to cook when it comes to baking and making sweets i'm a real disaster...i make a huge mess in the kitchen and get very nervous about forgetting or doing something wrong. But this pie is super easy to make and you cant go wrong even if you try to !!! Its a traditional pie that they make in the Greek country, in many different places and with a few different names....i knew it from my grandfathers village Grylos in Olympia (where the Olympic Flame starts its journey) but last year i found out that they make it in Lefkas (a beautiful Ionian island). In Grylos they call it oil-ravani and in Lefkas oil-pie and they also make it with orange or lemon and call it orange*pie and lemon*pie.

I made the orange version for the first time and it turned out very tasty !!! I strongly suggest you try it too!
The ingredients are :
sugar                   4 and 1/4 cups
flour                  5 and 1/4 cups  
fine semolina        2 cups
olive oil                3 cups
water                   7 cups
and some sesame
you can measure it anyway you like, i use small coffee cups.
you just mix the flour with the semolina into a heated pot and add the olive oil...stir and add the sugar and the water slowly. You stir very well until it turns into a mash and doesn't stick to the pot.
Then you take a baking pan, put just a bit of olive oil so that the pie wont stick on it and some sesame, and put your mash in it. You add some sesame on top and cut into pieces BEFORE baking. You bake in a very hot oven for start- so that it turns crusty on top- and then turn the heat down a bit. I start at 275C and finish at 150C. It doesn't take longer than 20 minutes, you just check by the colour...you want a light brown on top.
If you want to make the orange version you just replace 1-2 water cups with fresh orange juice - i only replaced one- it depends on how strong you want it to taste.
Just give it a go and you'll love it!!!

ps...the cup, the fork and the white plate are all vintage pieces from the 60s that i got from my grandmothers house..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

should i keep it ??

Yesterday i showed you my latest crochet making...the baby*girl snake....that im supposed to gift to our friends....the thing is that my little Sissy seems to like it...a lot!!!!
i was trying to take pictures and she just wouldn't leave it alone!!!
 take a look and see if i'm wrong...hehehe
so now im thinking...how can i break her little heart ??? how can i take away her beloved new friend ??
would it be wrong for me to keep the new baby*snake and just crochet something else for our friends ?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

baby*girl snake!!!

The other day i started crocheting a baby snake for our friends new baby room....i used acrylic yarns and i tried to choose the cutest and softest colours....i suppose they're gonna use pastel colours for the room and i wanted it to fit....i also used small plastic buttons for the eyes (and white felt fabric) and for decorating the little crochet flower...for the inside i used pillow stuffing which is hypo allergic and safe for kids although the snake is for decorating the room and not for the baby to play with.

yarns crochet flowers baby snake

stuffed toy crochet baby snake handmade

crochet snake face closeup stuffed toy handmade

crochet snake stuffed plush toy handmade

crochet plush stuffed toy baby snake handmade girl

crochet baby girl snake toy stuffed handmade

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