Sunday, October 28, 2012

a great present!!!

i know its a bit late but i have to send a huge THANK YOU to OwlMommy for her lovely present !!!
she has a lovely blog and a new giveaway on now so go check it out if you're from Greece. 

planting tulips

planting tulips bulbs in plastic pots

As you may know by now i have a love for plants and colourful flowers and from time to time i buy some from the local market....this time i decided to go a bit further....plant and grow my own tulips!!
A dear friend of mine bought a lot of tulip bulbs - if i remember correct about 12 of each colour!- for her garden and i took 2 for my balcony. I don't have any luck in growing plants...i seem to end their lives sooner than i didn't want to take more....2 is just enough to see if i can make it.
If everything goes as it should in a few months i will have 2 beautiful red-bright pink tulips!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

things i love today

red geranium flower

my bright red geranium

fresh chestnuts

fresh chestnuts raw

fresh chestnuts to roast or boil...yummy!

fresh pomegranates

amazing pomegranates...not very sweet but still lovely and full of vitamins!!!

a hot cup of tea on the first rainy-cold morning of the season !!! and my baby checking if there's anything eatable....

Friday, October 26, 2012

crochet bag

handmade crochet bag

This is my first ever crochet bag!!! I had a few simple granny squares that i didn't know how to use and i decided to crochet them together and make a tote bag. It was very easy to make and i only used three different colours of yarn. The bottom lines are made with single crochet stitches and the rest of the bag with double crochet stitches. The granny squares were pretty easy to make to, i will post a link to the tutorial as soon as i find it !!! (if i don't find it i will write it down for you!).
Its really a summer bag, i cant see myself using it now cause most of my winter clothes are grey and black but im already thinking of making a winter version of it...a bit bigger and with darker colours.

handmade crochet bag granny squares

granny squares crochet bag closeup easy handmade

granny squares crochet bag closeup bottom easy handmade

granny squares crochet bag easy handmade white and blue

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a lovely outing and a new "friend" !!!

MrB had the day off so we decided to take the little ones on a small trip and visit some nearby villages. We packed a few snacks, a couple of beers and some cola drink and headed to the base of Koziakas mountain. And there, on the top of a hill...we found a lovely small playground...just the perfect place for us to sit and relax with the little ones running around happily. It was a small break from our daily routine and we really really needed it....
back home...i have a few "arrivals" to share with you and the one i'm happier with is my first ever sewing machine !!! Yes!! I finally got my hands on one and i cant wait to use it....but first i have to  find out how it works...hehehe...

silvercrest sewing machine lidl

i bought it a few days ago and i think it was a good deal...just 80euros and with a 3 year guarantee. The manual says it has 33 stitches, button holes and buttons....and i believe that its more than enough for the money i paid....and to be honest i didn't want to spend more cause I've never used a sewing machine in my life and i don't know if im gonna like it or not. I think its perfect for a beginner. I still haven't tried just reading the manual and searching for tutorials on youtube so i would be more than grateful for any tips or suggestions you may have !!! Cant wait to hear your opinion on that!
till then...have a lovely messy time!!! xxxx

better late than never....

ionian sea view lefkas porto katsiki greece

lefkas island greece view ionian portokatsiki

lefkas island greece porto katsiki

Well summers already gone...September too...and October is just about to end I'm about a month (or two) late but i had so many things on my many changes and some "health issues' (nothing to worry about) that i just couldn't sit myself and blog....i couldn't even keep up with my favorite blogs and blog sorry about that but i will make up for all the lost time!!!!
My camera is still broken and it seems that it will stay that way so i will be using mrB's when hes not around...hehehe....and I've got many many wonderful news and projects to share with you starting tomorrow !!!
So see you all tomorrow :)

P.S. a big big BIG THANK YOU!!! to my dear blog friend Tammy for her concern...

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