Tuesday, April 17, 2012

granny squares

Have you seen my granny square blanket???? It took me quite a long time to crochet all the little squares but it was very exciting, i couldn't wait to have it finished. Finally i had all the squares i needed and all i had to do was to sew them together using a yarn needle. Much easier than i though it would be.
So my blanket is ready and i'm SO proud of it!
I didn't have a plan on colour matching, i just changed yarns at random and i think it came out pretty well. I'm already thinking about the next one, maybe a gift for my brother in black and white and some shades of grey.


  1. just wonderful!!! so cute!!! I'm jealous!!! I want to make one myself!!! :))

  2. Your blanket turned out great. Love the colors. I always seem to have a problem with combining colors. Don't know why when I have every color you could imagine in my home. Have a wonderful day. Tammy


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