Friday, April 27, 2012


summer is finally here !!! Warm temperatures, sunny days and flowers everywhere!!! im in a super happy mood and full of creativity. I have so many things on my mind and i don't know where to many things to crochet, to draw, to many places i want to visit and many flowers i want to bring back many recipes to try...

purple geranium

bright red geranium

our guests left a couple of days ago and the house feels a little empty but they will come back again in a month or so :)
i did my "summer cleaning", well half of it... i took out my summer clothes and packed all the winter ones...and i decided i need to go on a diet as soon as possible (or buy new clothes :P). i still have to wash and pack mrB's clothes though but i'll leave it for the weekend....

double coloured crochet fish plush toy stripes

funny crochet fish plush toy blue stripes

i also did some crocheting...this time a little fish (no pattern again) to join mrOctopus..-.i used the same blue yarn and some white felt fabric for the eyes - and i think they look nice im thinking a couple more smaller and in different colours and a red-pink starfish as my friend angeliki suggested and my little sea corner will be ready !

funny crochet fish and octopus plus toy

light and medium blue yarn

aqua blue knitting yarn

blue aqua yarn


  1. Very nice fish peli!Matches up with the octopus perfectly!Thanks for finding my idea interesting! I like so much you are going to use and brighter colours for your sea world!Oh,I want to ask you what kind of flowers are those in these pictures? They look big and beautiful!

  2. Love your geraniums! I wish I had your talent. I didn't get the knitting/ crocheting/sewing gene lol! Thanks for linking up to my new Tuesday party! I hope to see you again next week :-)

  3. Anonymous28/4/12 12:05

    you keep surprising me everyday!!! your sea world is just beautiful!!! :)) How about making a Nemo fish??? :p

  4. I love that Mr Octopus. He must be glad to have his new fish friend. Cx

  5. Thanks for linking up @CountryMommaCooks Link and Greet Party......hope to see you again tonight:)


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