Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sunny days

the last few days are full of sun and its really lovely...after a very cold winter with lots of snow and rain spring has finally come!!!! warm weather...sun...flowers popping...makes you smile all the time...
after almost 5 months i can have my morning coffee with the windows open and its very refreshing...my little ones enjoy the sun too...they really look happier sunbathing in the morning and more and longer walks outside

i wish for no more rainy days this year...we had more than enough!!!
now its time to buy some new flowers...we live in a small city and we dont have a yard so the best we can do is fill our small space, a little balcony, with as many as we can....we really want to move to a bigger place but its not going to happen soon im afraid....fingers crossed though...you never know!

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