Tuesday, May 15, 2012


crochet flowers strawberry

New buttons arrived and im very very happy!!! They look like a very small pack...even i couldnt believe i had 100 buttons in front of me so i counted them again and again till i was sure. I love their bright happy colours and i cant wait to use them in my future projects...im thinking lots of toys...dolls and stuffed animals in happy summer colours....i also have to buy some fabrics to make their clothes and accessories but i still have time for that. I also want to buy a set of coloured crochet hooks in different colours, ill get my brother to buy them from the net cause i dont have a paypal account YET....i will have to make one though cause im planning on opening an etsy shop in the future...i need to do some serious planning for that one...if you have any ideas or suggestions im happy to hear them...i will need all the help i can get!
At the moment my yarns are calling for me...i have a couple of projects i want to finish till tomorrow...have a lovely night!!!

coloured buttons

bright coloured buttons

blue coloured plastic buttons

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  1. I love buttons but don't use them nearly enough in projects. Have fun creating! Tammy


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