Saturday, April 28, 2012

expecting puppies !!!!

I'm so worried....
Our little Fani is expecting puppies for the first time. We were not sure until a couple of days ago when her belly began to grow bigger. My poor baby is very quiet...always hungry and thirsty ... not in the mood for games and constantly looking for cool spots around the house. I try to satisfy all her needs and im very worried about the whole situation. I just hope nothing will go wrong...
We don't know how many puppies shes going to have yet, we just hope not over 3. I already have found friends to adopt 2 of them and im thinking of keeping one although it wont be easy...
The birth will take place in about 30 days from now, we'll make her a cosy "bed" in our spare room to keep her calm and away from Sissy who is starting to act a little weird - nervous but not aggressive (probably sensing somethings about to happen).


  1. I'm sure that everything will go well, since you take so much care of her!:-)

  2. Χα χα θα γίνεις γιαγιά :Ρ
    Με το καλό, με το καλό!!!

  3. :OOOO na ths dwseis filakia kai agkalitses!!! axou mwre to gluko mou!!! <3

  4. Oh,little Fani is about to become acquainted with motherhood!! Such joy for her,for u and for me!!!Love her belly in the pics!! I would like though to hug Siisy!! Kiss ya Pel!! <3<3


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