Monday, April 23, 2012

a little disaster

we have guests over the last few days and its wonderful !!
the only draw back is that i don't have time to do my crafts. the only thing i managed to do is crochet a few flowers for miss snakes. i think she looks much better now.

crochet snake funny plush toy coloured stripes

crochet snake funny plush toy coloured stripes

sadly we had a little accident. mrB is pretty clumsy some times and this time he had me crying like a baby over    the broken pieces of my favorite little geisha statue. it belonged to my grandma and i loved it since i was a kid. i did glue the pieces back together but you can see small holes here and there...i just hope this is mrBs  last victim... : p

vintage deco little geisha statue

vintage deco broken statue little geisha

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  1. Sorry for your grandma's statue..accidents happen..
    I love your small flowers!They definitely add something to your snake!


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