Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a full weekend

Hello dear friends!! Have a great month!!! How was your weekend? Did you have a good time??
Ours was a very busy one....little man had 2 shots on Friday morning and for the first time i heard him cry so loud...my heart broke to a thousand pieces :((
he's a very healthy boy though...6,100 kg and 61 cm tall !! pretty good for a 3 month old. the only "bad" thing is that he has skin irritation but i cover him with baby cream all day long...the doctor said he'll be fine in no time and that we shouldn't worry at all.
On Saturday and Sunday we had our friends come over to see the baby...dinner with mrBs brother and also we visited his parents for his fathers name day...little man got very tired and lost a bit of his daily routine but hes already back to it...im such a lucky mum, he barely ever cries...
Another thing is that i decided to take a photo of him in the same armchair every month (on his birthday)...it will be a cute way of watching him grow and change into a little boy...i also decided that its ok to share the photos with you...this took me a lot of time and thinking, with the dangers of the internet and if its wise to expose him publicly...i hope i made the right decision...
so here's my little man looking very serious (i cant get him to smile when i take pictures even though he smiles and laughs all day long!!!)


  1. such a beautiful baby!!!!congratulations!

  2. What a beautiful little boy. xxx

  3. Anonymous3/8/13 00:33

    Πώπω! Το μωρό σε αυτήν την πόζα είναι 100% εσύ!


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