Sunday, November 11, 2012

a 10-minute-painting

acrylic painting circles

acrylic painting easy coloured circles

easy acrylic painting colours circles

I made this painting while watching a only took 10 minutes and i think it looks pretty good for my living room (still cant decide which way i like it better though)....i used some old acrylics i found while cleaning the house and a small painting brush...just that...not even a drop of water!
I'm gonna buy some more canvas and make a few bright coloured paintings like this one to decorate the house...
hope you had a lovely weekend...see ya tomorrow! xxx


  1. Φανταστικός!!!!!!!!!

  2. Πώς καταφέρνεις το πιο απλό, να το κάνεις να δείχει τέχνη, δεν ξέρω! Είναι ΤΑΛΕΝΤΟ προφανώς....!
    Καμιά μέρα πάντως, πέρνα από το σπίτι να δούμε και μαζί καμιά ταινία, χι χι χι ;)

  3. Hi Peli, your painting is bright and cheery. I like it lengthwise (as in the first and last photo). Will certain add a personal pop of fun to your living space. Hope all is well. Tammy

  4. So TV is good for you! I totally dig the psychedelic vibe...


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