Saturday, October 27, 2012

things i love today

red geranium flower

my bright red geranium

fresh chestnuts

fresh chestnuts raw

fresh chestnuts to roast or boil...yummy!

fresh pomegranates

amazing pomegranates...not very sweet but still lovely and full of vitamins!!!

a hot cup of tea on the first rainy-cold morning of the season !!! and my baby checking if there's anything eatable....


  1. Beautiful pictures! Your house seems so relaxing!
    Love the geranium, the lighting AND the chestnuts! I'm just eating some right now!
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. I love this post! It's so nice to take a moment to appreciate the simple little joys of life!

  3. Hi Peli,

    So nice to see that you are gracing the pages of blogland once again! I adore your orangey red geraniums! I have exactly the same ones, in the same planter. Aren't they just the easiest of flowers to grow? They don't need much attention. Chestnut season is upon us, as well as pomegranates, yes, they are quite bitter and sour right now, but like you said, chock full of vitamins!

    Hope you are feeling better.


  4. Πανέμορφες φθινοπωρινές φωτογραφίες!!!!! Όλο ζεστασιά και ομορφιά!!!!!

  5. I love geraniums but I get some every year and every year they die from the dust and heat. Your little balcony area is so pretty with all the plants. Take care! Tammy


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