Thursday, July 5, 2012

should i keep it ??

Yesterday i showed you my latest crochet making...the baby*girl snake....that im supposed to gift to our friends....the thing is that my little Sissy seems to like it...a lot!!!!
i was trying to take pictures and she just wouldn't leave it alone!!!
 take a look and see if i'm wrong...hehehe
so now im can i break her little heart ??? how can i take away her beloved new friend ??
would it be wrong for me to keep the new baby*snake and just crochet something else for our friends ?


  1. She's so sweet to break her heart!!! Why don't you crochet another baby snake for your friends?

  2. Hello Peli
    How can you resist that.....there's no choice at all really....I suggest you make another snake for your friends.

    Amanda :-)


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