Sunday, July 1, 2012

Missed me ???

gold shih tzu puppie and yorkie yorkshire terrier

golden brown shih tzu puppie 5 weeks

black white shih tzu pocket puppie 5 weeks old

baby shih tzu puppies black 5 weeks old

pillow case hand sewed hearts embroidery

i had so much to do the last couple of days that i couldnt find the time to make a new post....i didnt even do my everyday blog reading as i wanted...
we had mrB's brother over for dinner the other day and for some reason the last days i found myself cooking the whole time just for the fun of it...who knows...maybe its a flu thing or something...
i had a bit of a fight with the owners of our house...nothing special but i couldnt forget it afterwards (ofcourse i won but that's not the point)...
we had our outings...for jogging....having a beer or two (or three)....oh! and we had the great idea of ordering a pizza and eating it out in the wild just before midnight!!! spooky but also very romantic so maybe we'll make a habbit of it...
one of mrB's friend just became a father for the first time and we had to rush to the hospital to congratulate the happy couple...their baby girl is just the cutest ever and i decided to crochet a little baby snake for her room : )   (i'll be sharing when its finished)
our puppies are getting bigger and hungrier and more messy than i could ever imagine...but i love them so much that i cant get angry at them....we really need to find new families for them in the next 2 weeks...( if you live in athens or near Trikala and you can adopt one pls ask us!)
hmmm...thats most of it i guess....oh and im still practicing my embroidery skills on a new pillow case!!!


  1. Tελικά η Σίσσυ(? δεν είμαι σίγουρη για το όνομα) φαίνεται να τα συνήθισε πια τα κουταβάκια! Εύχομαι να βρεθούν καλές οικογένειες που θα τα φροντίζουν!
    Μ'αρέσουν πολύ οι καρδούλες!
    P.S Το πρώτο μαξιλάρι εσύ το κέντησες??

  2. Oh my my!!! So expressive!!! Love the tiger look!!!
    May your friends' baby girl live a happy life!!
    And may these little creatures find the best families ever!!
    Adored the pizza idea!!!! ;-)
    Lots of love...

  3. ωραία τα κουταβάκια...σκέτες γλύκες.Πίστευα πώς είχες ήδη βρει οικογένειες για τα μωρά.Εννοώ πολύ δικούς σου ανθρώπους που ήθελαν κουτάβι.Πιστεύω να βρεις σωστούς ανθρώπους να τα χαρίσεις διότι τα αδέσποτα στην Ελλάδα τείνουν να γίνουν μάστιγα!Χιλιάδες σκυλιά πεταμένα στους δρόμους να αργοπεθαίνουν από αρρώστιες και πείνα γιατί οι Έλληνες συνηθίζουν να παίρνουν σκύλο και όταν τον βαρεθούν ή συνειδητοποιήσουν πόσο δύσκολη υπόθεση είναι,ανοίγουν την πόρτα,του δίνουν μια ωραιότατη κλωτσιά και δεν σε ξέρω δεν σε είδα....

  4. Πολύ γλυκά, μακάρι να τα αγαπήσουν...


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