Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tote's first outing...

I'm so so proud of my tote bag that i had to make another post about it !!!!

I had some shopping to do on Friday so i thought it would be a great first for my i put my favorite sandals on and off i went...

.i bought biscuits and food for the little ones and some vegetables for us, greens, beetroot and fresh corn which i absolutely love!! I carried almost everything in my tote bag (not the pet food cause it weights 3kgr) and it was very helpful !!

Back home i played with the puppies...the get bigger and cuter everyday...they want to discover new places and keep loosing themselves around the house and then cry for help...its really funny but we have to be alert all the time so that we don't step on them accidentally...they also try to eat their mummy's food but its too early for they just lick and taste it...
That's all the news from gonna make some roast corn now and enjoy a quiet night in...mrB went to watch football with his friends and I'll have 2 lovely hours to relax...
So i leave you for now...have a lovely weekend (whats left of it anyway) !!!


  1. Nice to see that you are already making great use of that tote. The puppies are adorable. I can just imagine what it is like with them wandering all over the house. :) Hope you are having a lovely evening. Tammy

  2. Well, I like it very much! If you need more information at

  3. Η τσάντα πανέμορφη,καλοκαιρινή και πολύ χρήσιμη, βλέπω.

  4. Τελικά η τσάντα έγινε πανέμορφη και πολύ πρακτική. Να τη χαίρεσαι.


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