Sunday, June 24, 2012

happy beads and felt fabric

a very hot Sunday here in Greece...too hot to do anything...i wanted to do some crocheting but i couldn't even touch the yarns...then i though of doing some drawing but i had no inspiration at i ended up playing with beads and felt fabric...
i made a few ridiculously easy necklaces...just happy coloured beads and a few plastic miniature toys (the ones you usually find in kids ice cream cups) !
and then i remembered my promise to my best friend Iwannna, to make her a little cupcake magnet for her fridge ! so i took out my felt fabrics, cut them into shape, sewed them together by hand, put some pillow stuffing inside and ready!!!! i also added some happy beads to make it look a bit cuter :)
i wanted to make more but mrB just wont let me in peace...he wants to go out for a coffee or something so i have to leave you for now but ill be back tomorrow!!
have a lovely rest of the day!!xxx


  1. Μ'αρέσουν τα κολιέ σου γιατί είναι χαρούμενα! Και το cupcake φανταστικό, το βλέπεις και σου φτιάχνει τη διάθεση! Καλή βόλτα!!

  2. ♥ Thanks a lot for the cupcake!!! Really looking forward to use it :)

    *Μας κακομαθαίνετε κύριε πρέσβη μου! Την επόμενη φορά θα ζητήσω να τρώγεται κιόλας ;)

  3. I love that you manage to create something wonderful each and every day. I don't think I could string those little seed beads. My fingers just don't work with tiny little things so well anymore and my eyesight ain't what it used to be either. Ha! cute little cupcake. I have felt that should create with. So many things I want to do. I should be cleaning, but that's the last thing I think about these days. Have a great week. Tammy

  4. Τι γλύκες είναι όλες αυτές; Πολύ όμορφα χρώματα.Για να κόψω μία μπουκιά από το γλυκό.Χι χι χι.Φιλιά!!!

  5. Ομορφα καλοκαιρινά χρώματα !! Σούπερ νεανικά κολιεδάκια!!Καλή εβδομάδα!!!Φιλάκια

  6. Soooooo cute!!! Love all the beaded necklaces and ADORE the felt cupcake!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Don't forget to swing by this evening.. I can't wait to see what you link up! :)


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