Friday, June 8, 2012

good news...bad news..

yorkshire terrier yorkie dog sleepy

Call me a lazy dog but i can assure you that im not!!! well not all of the time at least....
the past few days i just couldn't put myself to write about anything...many things happened...good and bad...and  my mood swings were crazy!!!!!
at times i wished i could just disappear...go somewhere far far away and never return....i really need a break from everything but there's no chance of that happening....

On the bright plants are growing and i just love them!the first gardenia flower for this summer just popped open and i was screaming happily around the house...mrB and the little ones looking at me with a huge question mark over their heads.. : p

gardenia white flower

white flower gardenia

other news is that we went to check out another apartment cause we are not happy with ours...its very old and the balcony is too small and with no view. the one we visited was pretty old too but it was on the top floor of an apartment building and it had the whole terrace as a would be perfect for the little ones to run around...and we could have as many plants as we wanted and a barbecue and a plastic pool to play around...everything we could imagine!!!the rent is not too much but we were disappointed with the arrangement of the thinking of going to see it again but mrB says we should forget about it and try for another one...

toy yorkshire terrier yorkie puppy dog

 I also have some great great news to share...but you'll just have to wait for my next post!!!!I'll give a hint...if you like dogs you're gonna love it!!!!!
so ill see you tomorrow...till then, have a great time!!!!


  1. Yep, we all have those days when we just want to tear our hair out. Or smack someone upside the head. HA! :) Good luck finding another place.

    The crochet stone was easy -- I just made it up as I went along and tried to get it to fit the stone. I don't always follow patterns very well so sometimes surprise myself when I can actually make something up that looks halfway decent.

    Hope you have better days. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Hi Peli,

    It's my first visit here. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on our blog. I'm a newbie blogger so I really love getting comments!

    You're dog is sooooo cute!!! How adorable!

    I'm gonna come by often to check out your blog.



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