Wednesday, May 2, 2012

another fish !

blue crochet fish and octopus funny plush toy
blue aqua little fish crochet plush toy

 A new little fish is added to the growing sea-world collection ! I used a turquoise colour yarn and  - what a surprise! - no specific pattern. i actually love to crochet without the use of patterns, i just have in mind what i want to make and then crochet balls and tubes and  sew them together. its a nice freedom to crochet without  counting stitches :)
i do have some amigurumi patterns waiting in line though...some little forest animals i want to make...

little fish crochet plush toy

little fish crochet toy

crochet plush toys fish octopus

funny crochet plush toys fish octopus


  1. How cute is this little fish!!!
    Please use again those big funny eyes, the rest of your sea world has! The're sooo funny!! :-):-)

  2. First off I LOVE your banner - so bright and eye catching

    LOVING your sea-world collection!! WTG

  3. That's very clever! I cant crochet without a pattern sitting front and centre!!!

  4. wow, your fish all look great! Well done without a pattern!

  5. AAAWWWHHHH how cute!!! you make me want to crochet again!!

  6. i am a student of v . i love your arts and crafts.


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