Sunday, April 15, 2012

home alone

Today we're celebrating easter in Greece and normally i wouldn't have the time to post anything. Unfortunately mrB had to go to work and im all alone at home with the little ones. We had a lovely lunch, half of it cooked by mrBs mom and then he left...he'll be back late at i have a free evening and nothing to do. The little ones are napping and im thinking of joining them...theres nothing interesting on tv, i've read all my books, i had all the sweets and candy one can eat for a day and my friends and family are far away so no chance of having them over ( i dont feel like going out on my own....).
 I'll do some crocheting later and maybe draw something (allready did these three drawings) but its not enough...
Any ideas of what else i could do???

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  1. yperoxa!!! so so so beautiful!!! so cute!!! :))


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