Wednesday, April 18, 2012

to dream or not to dream

cute coloured pencil drawing night moon trees

Couldn't sleep last night...don't really know why...i felt so tired, my eyes were barely open but still...i couldn't sleep...worst feeling ever. MrB was sleeping peacefully in our warm bed, the little ones were dreaming of cats and treats in their cute little beds and i was all alone in front of the tv like a zombie...
i did this drawing in the dark (no lights on just the tv) hoping it would tire me even more and send me to bed.
no such luck...after a few hours of wandering round  the house like a ghost and eating every sweet and caramel that came  my way i forced myself  under the blankets and some time later i was dreaming of chocolate bars...
and im NOT a sweets person...
Needless to say that in the morning i felt like a wreck...but i had things to do in and out of the house so sleeping late was not an option....
and now? 10.30 and im already sleepy...have my pjs on and im off to dream land....xxxx


  1. Hello Peli,
    Sometimes there are nights.... You can do without these. Hope you are feeling much better!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I like yours!

  2. Sleepless nights are no fun at all. My husband sleeps like a baby and snores like a freight train half the time. :/ Your drawing is sweet. I really, really want to start drawing again. I used to do it a lot, but haven't done so in awhile so am finding it difficult. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy


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