Monday, April 9, 2012

rainy days are back....

the weather is going crazy over here...the last 2 days have been very warm and nice but today it was all rain and wind with very low temperatures. we went from wearing summer tshirts to scarfs and mittens again...

i was planning for a long walk down at the market and couldnt wait to buy some new flowers and pots but with all the rain i stayed in. it was not all bad though.
i had my new ballerinas on, a warm cup of tea- with loads of honey , my favorite blanket and my yarns...what more could i want?
 the little ones were napping next to me most of the time- a nice company they are...

i didnt buy flowers so i decided to crochet some in different shapes and colours.  i took out some of my favorite patterns and enjoyed myself to the fullest. as ive said before i find my patterns on youtube and on various blogs and i write them down so i can carry them with me.

Tomorrow ill be making hearts. little cute hearts for me and mrB. :))


  1. poso wraia!!! kai to Sissoni allo pou den 8elei!!! :)

  2. poli oraia kai ta louloudakia kai ta pantoflakia sou!!


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