Saturday, April 7, 2012

crocheting weekend

as i've said before im pretty new to crocheting so i really like projects that are easy and quick. so today i spent my time crocheting little cute flowers and a pair of ballerina slippers that i immediately loved.
the flowers are going to decorate the kitchen wall along with some crocheted leaves. so i still have to make lots of flowers.
as for the slippers im allready wearing them and i wont be taking them off nomatter what. i'll make a couple more pairs in different colours as soon as possible. they're super comfortable and easy to wear, as warm as they should be for spring.

i also took some photos of my starstich project...and i just call it project cause i dont really know what im making. it was supposed to be a small blanket but it turned out too small so i think ill turn it to a pillow case instead.


  1. Τα παπουτσάκια σου είναι για μένα ότι καλύτερο έχεις πλέξει! Το χεις ρε παιδάκι μου τί να πω!
    Αλήθεια, παραγγελίες δέχεσαι;

    1. ama mporw na ftiaxw kati kai vevaia.
      sto mellon skopeyw na exw kai ETSY SHOP.

  2. poso teleia papoutsakia kai poso polu sou pane!!! :)))))

  3. Those ballet slippers are adorable. Cx

  4. LOVING those slippers!!

  5. I've been crocheting for years and still haven't made any slippers. It's on my list of projects to try. Great work! I love weekends of crocheting! And simple projects that are quick to finish. Enjoy your time with hook in hand. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Wow, you've been busy! Love the slippers. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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