Wednesday, March 21, 2012

going on a trip...

today im going to the big see my family and friends...i miss them so much!!!6-7 days with them will be a nice break ...i hope i could stay more...
before i go though i have many things to do...clean the whole house...water the plants...cook for mrB...take the garbage out...leave written instructions for everything...and finally pack my things...surely ill forget to take something important...i always do...ticket-money-phone-keys are the only basics and i check 5-6 times for them before i go!this time ill double check for my camera too...i want to take some nice  pictures :)
the train leaves in about 3 hours and i have many things to do so im off! bb


  1. I wish you a very happy time with youre family and friends.They are very important.

  2. Anonymous27/3/12 15:51

    Enjoy yourself to the fullest!!! :)) -Ritsa (re-send me your email. i deleted it by mistake :p )


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