Saturday, August 3, 2013


I just cant believe how fast time goes by....the days come and go and i just don't realise all came to me just now. i came here to make a new post and what a shock!!! its already been a month since the last time i wrote something...
everyday that goes by is a whole new experience..the baby grows amazingly fast and is like a different person!! such an adorable little man!!! he turned 4(months) the other day and he has achieved so much...he can turn his body around without any help and stay on his belly, he plays with his toys and reaches out for them and for hugs, he gets super excited when he sees dad and laughs like crazy when they play together, he pets the dogs and observes everything they do and so so many other things!! his latest habit is to play with his toes and the one that has me screaming with happiness....he says "mama" !!!!! well...he doesn't call me...its a call for food (im still breastfeeding him exclusively)...but its almost the same, isn't it?
oh....i just love my little man...

baby boy four months old


  1. My little one is 9 years old and everyday he amazes me with his insight and how he sees wonder in everything around him. I am glad you are enjoying being a Mumu - it really is the best thing ever. Lily. xxx

  2. Κάθε μέρα είναι και μια εκπληκτική εμπειρία με το αστεράκι σας!!!
    Σας φιλώ πολύ-πολύ, όλους σας!!!
    Να περνάτε όμορφα!!!

  3. Hello Peli

    He is a gorgeous boy and this is a wonderful part of his life. It is amazing how fast they grow and how much they learn. In fact they are sponges soaking up every new thing that happens around them. It is such a wonderful experience watching them grow. How do your dogs get on with the baby? Have they accepted him?

    Giveaway now open until 24th August.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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